IT or Business? The COO chooses the business analysts, why?

Since the BA is the conduit between the business and IT worlds, the BA has to be an interpreter/translator that can effectively speak the language of both sides.

BA should be independent of both the business and IT — the focus is on solving business problems with a focus on three areas People, Process and Technology. A systems analyst takes the busienss requirements and elaborates them into a document from which design and development can occur.
A PM manages the project to delivery. A BA should be involved to ensure the right solution is delivered. A BA group should not in under a PMO.
A BA group should report into the CFO or COO and be independent of the politics resident in organizational departments and I.T

Some Business Analyst may not like the idea of BAs being part of IT. The skillset and value of a BA is much broader than only working within one department. When a BA is working on strategy (enterprise analysis), or process improvement, how does this relate to IT at all? I’m glad the COO chose the business analysts. I would make the same choice.

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