Believe achieve – daily discipline routine for success.

As a business owner there could be quite many on your lists of tasks and responsibilities already. Here are some daily to monthly routines to plan for success.

1. Each Sunday night, prioritize and schedule your ‘to do list ready for next week. Label next to your list ‘I’ for ‘Important’ and ‘T’ for ‘Time Sensitive’

2. Read up and research on your industry’s or field’s trade publications.

3. If you are a big business, gather and interpret financial information such as read your statements and numbers.

4. Find out how to increase and strengthen that margin.

5. Review monthly business meetings and results, meetings with financial updates.

6. Analyze financial performance.

7. Coach team members 1-2-1 about work affects, positives and negatives.

8. Set goals to accomplish within a given time period like monthly.
For example: increase goals by 10% and decrease budget by 15%

9. Measure your accomplishments and communicate your progress. Continue to review your dashboard results each month.

10. Review monthly milestones to that against annual plan.

Probably on your mind with these 7 goals as basic –

1. How to get new customers.
2. Keeping existing customers – happy and giving referrals.
3. Deliver great value.
4. Improving quality.
5. Reducing costs without compromising value.
6. Manage risks – even financial ones.
7. Advancing your business strategy.

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