21 ways you can hinder your success journey.

They say “success is a journey, not a destination”.

I thought of 21 ways you can hinder your success.

1. Bad judgement.

2 Drama, and bad ones!

3. Believing in counterfeits or being gullible.

4. Bad habits, as they say “you cannot overcome your demons if you enjoy playing with it.” Well here is another way to think of defeating your demons, if you cannot destroy it, you can choose to ignore it or substitute it with something else, something worthy of your time and meaningful instead.

5. Not hungry for change.

6. Not a risk taker.

7. Too much of a risk taker.

8. Lack in knowledge and pre-planning.

9. Focusing on the wrong metrics to measure your success and goals.

10. Not learning from your past mistakes.

11. Procrastination and being on autopilot.

12. Giving excuses.

13. Fear of failure.

14. Being in fantasy and not in reality of a matter.

15. Distractions and giving in to negative temptations, (put down your phone and just sit in silence contemplating, being deep in thought is not a bad routine to have time to time).

16. No consistency, such as in your work ethics and routines.

“You can tell me who you are, but in the end how you spend your time, speaks for itself!”.

17. Passing on opportunities, and not an opportunity seeker.

18. Giving away what is precious, not protecting what is valuable to you.

19. Overspending, debts and bancruptcy.

20. Reputation, bad reputation gives you a bad branding, bad marketing and lowers your exposure.

21. Not delegating, not asking for extra helping hands, because reaching for success can be overwhelming, expansions and keeping it will need you to let go of some tasks and delegate so you can grow.


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