12 ways to empower your brand’s online marketing.

There are actually more than 12 ways you can expand the reach of content shared on social media, but here listed 12 now… send me an email me to get more I’d love to help.

  1. Regular interaction – treat your social media accounts and give regular content sharing like it’s you close friends. Make sure to have a social sharing plugins on your site.
  2. Use the analytics to monitor your posts performance, for example if on instagram then get the instagram analytics, this should show which posts had the best reach and click through rate. Manage what you measure, create an excel spreadsheet and enter the data over time such as to see what is your ratio between the people you’re following and following you back from 10 days, 30 days, 90 days and 360 days progress.
  3. Use advance scheduling content tool – have the ability to schedule posts in advance, scheduling content outside of office hours and still able to share content at odd hours as that may be your best time, your analytics could tell you your best engagement reciprocated time.
  4. UGC – User Generated Content, create content that involves products and services which is re-purposed by brands via social approvals and proof, so it gives confidence in and reinforces the brand’s connection, can gain popularity on commonality with followers.
  5. Share video content – using tools like TINT and TAGBOARD to make brands pool together UGC.
  6. Cross promote your social media accounts via other channels – discuss in industry specific websites and company blog. Showing that you are thought leaders as you held drive awareness.
  7. Get content proceeds by using influencers – utilizing influencer marketing to lift your brand. Influencer marketing is via using a person who has a big enough average reach or impact through word of mouth in a relevant marketplace. They are not the celebrity from mainstream methods, but ordinary people who happens to be experts in their industry and labelled as micro-influencers through the ability to share knowledge and passion while still sounding like your neighbor next door.
  8. Build a Social Wall – it is a digital wall front that collects and displays your social media posts and hashtags, showing your best postings and collects conversations from social networks. There are a few to choose but could check out socialmediawall.me or walls.io And the social wall supports most popular social platforms facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, google+ and so on. You can then -integrate your social wall into your website or app using the providers embed-able widget. You can also embed your own google analytics code.
  9. Be part of the blogging community – comment your opinions, re-share the posts, be a friend, accept friend requests, even help others with solutions, and participate in forums.
  10. Do live streaming – such as facebook live, engage with your followers.
  11. Conduct webinars.
  12. Hold a viral giveaway – create freebies and request for people to share.



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