Turn ‘Spare Change’ into Investments. From saving small amounts in savings, to investing in the stock market.

For those with thoughts on where to start a successful future investing habit, and having never invested money in the stock market before, Acorns investment app can be a good start for you. It can encourage the very young to spark genuine interest in the market.

The Acorns investment app is a micro-savings service to invest from a lower scale with your spare change in your bank account, investing in a very small pond style before you start investing your big cash amounts in the bigger waters with the dolphins.

You link a credit and chequing account, then Acorns does the rest.

If you are already good at saving small amounts each month into a savings account, you let it sit there, which is good, this is your safety. However some may want to see that money grow, if so this app can let you achieve that, however fast and what rate of growth, you will have to see with them yourself.

Visit Acorns, the app that turns your spare change into investment, click on this.Please share your experience on the comments below here, if any?

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