The few types of business analyst ‘s persona you can come across

The Scribe:A business analyst that is at the corporate executive level, holding the position of high class secretary or high official business calibre, known to be a senior level, a lead role, leading a team of analysts, able to assist the executive members in writing such as writing up new business rules, methods and strategies.

The Agile DaVinci:
A business analyst that can run a ‘marathon’ (meaning waterfall projects) and also be experienced to run an agile project ‘sprints’, the work is a blank canvas with lots of heavy planning that the business analyst is kept busy with, and you tend to not see the work of art of the business analyst until the end, only towards the end of the project that the masterpiece/ the credible impact is revealed. Multi-skilled, ability to jump in and out, to zoom in and out of areas.

The Detective Colombo:
A business analyst that strives/excels in investigative, forensic work, usually adopting the use of approaching its subject by face to face engagements/elicitation techniques, heavy in gathering knowledge through research, and could always come back to ask you for more insights from your last engagement.
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The Human X-RAY Machine:
A business analyst that has eagle eyes, can spot anomalies, weaknesses in things, called the Human X-Ray machine as it has the ability to scan over facts, documentations thoroughly, can focus too much on the smallest details, like the smallest fluff, but can also be a blessing as will not be easily fooled to what’s hidden, can uncover the truth of the matter.

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